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Selling the Experience of Living in Your Home

You are getting ready to put your home on the market. You are totally overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Time to call in the professionals! The Steller Group of Keller Williams Realty knows that one of the key factors in successfully selling your home is staging. It’s the most efficient strategy to ensure your property is as marketable and desirable as possible, helping it sell for top-dollar. And the best part? The Steller Group provides this professional service at no cost to our clients. 

There are so many positives to staging your home that there is absolutely no reason not to do it. According to the National Association of Realtors, professionally staged homes are proven to sell 49% faster and for 7 to 11% more than homes without staging. It will also actually make preparing your home for sale less overwhelming. With the professional direction and collaboration from our dedicated in-house stager, Carolyn Brake, your home will be “show-ready” and you will be prepared for the experience of being on the market. The advice Carolyn gives and the steps she takes are all focused on creating an environment that makes potential buyers want to live in your home.

While you may have already read an abundance of staging tips in the past, the following is a brief bit of advice to remember: we are not just selling features, we are selling the experience of living in your home!

Examples of How to “Sell the Experience”:

  • Front porch: Set out chairs, a small table and pots of flowers to sell the experience of watching children play in the front yard, chatting with a friend, or just enjoying a cup of java!
  • Formal living room: Change this room into a space that has an actual function (a library, music room, wine tasting room, etc.). Create the experience of truly living in every room of the home!
  • Back patio or deck: Illustrate the experience of entertaining family and friends by putting out a patio set, outdoor rug, grill, flower pots, etc. Outdoor living has a strong draw for buyers!
  • Master bedroom: The “hotel suite” is immensely popular right now. Romantic light. Lots of pillows, sheets pulled up tight and a comforter folded at the foot of the bed. Sell the experience of making the master bedroom a true retreat.  No TVs, desks, computers or exercise equipment.
  • Master bath: Buyers want to think they are going to have time to take a bath some day. If there is a tub, present a spa-like experience by setting out fluffy towels, upscale bars of soap, candles, a vase of silk flowers, etc. Remove rugs and mats from the floor to show off upgraded flooring if you have it.

The home is staged. Is it ready for market now?

Not quite. After setting the stage, the key to bringing buyers into your home is professional photos and a virtual tour. Savvy homebuyers are researching homes on the internet and skipping over listings with dark, cluttered photos. A virtual tour is essential, especially for those out-of-state buyers. When you list with The Steller Group, we hire professional photographers who use HD technology and will showcase the finest points of your home. Contact our team today at 303.539.5228 or [email protected] to discuss our additional marketing strategies and what we do to ensure you achieve the best possible results from the sale of your home.