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Current Trends in Home Staging

Current Trends in Home Staging from The Steller Group

In order to gain an edge in today’s real estate market, a property must be priced right and look better than the competition. One of the most effective and proven methods to a faster sale is a process known as “staging.” Home staging trends follow current decorating styles, yet staging and decorating are two different animals. Home staging uses design and conceptualization techniques to prepare a home for sale in order to achieve the highest sale price and lowest time on the market. One of the most important goals of The Steller Group when staging a home for sale is to neutralize and depersonalize the home while utilizing current decorating trends in order to present a home in the most powerful way possible.

Remember, in real estate first impressions are not important — they are crucial. If you are thinking of putting your home on the market and need guidance with updating or staging, The Steller Group provides those services! Along with the proven expertise of our agents, we also have a dedicated professional home stager on staff to ensure your home stands out from the crowd.

For the DIY approach, read on to learn about the latest developments in decorating that get worked into our staging process.

Wall Colors
• Neutral is still the way to go when selling a home. Imagine warm oatmeal tones that will go with anyone’s furnishings. White walls are not generally appealing to buyers because white is considered a cold color. However, if interior painting is outside the budget for a home seller, color can be added through draperies, artwork, and accessories. Painting strategic accent walls is also an effective cost-saving approach.

• If you have worn carpet with hardwood floors underneath, we recommend pulling the carpet and refinishing, polishing or deep-cleaning the wood floors, depending on their condition. If you are considering replacing carpet, linoleum or tile, wood floors are the best bang for your buck. Wood floors continue to be extremely popular and this straightforward improvement will more than pay for itself.
• When considering product, our experience says that real hardwood floors are best, while prefinished wood floors are also good alternatives. Laminate wood floors are less expensive but less desirable. Consider the other finishes throughout the home before choosing a style.

Furniture/Décor Colors
• Your home doesn’t have to be completely refitted with new furnishings when you sell. We work with what you have and make it all come together by bringing whatever enhancements are needed to help round out the look! Regarding color schemes, this season it may seem like sage green, rust and gold will never grow old, but there are new variations that really pop, such as olive green paired with shades of purple or pumpkin spice paired with chocolate. A hint of black in any room is hip and elegant!

Furniture Styles
• Casual Contemporary – compared to ultra-modern, this style consists of more of an updated traditional look with straight, clean lines.

• Mid-Century Modern – a varied theme on casual contemporary. Stylish, clean, vintage look that emulates the 50s and 60s.

• Tuscan – a motif that continues to be popular in a more traditional home with many Tuscan architectural features like columns, niches, and curved arches.

One of the costliest mistakes made by home sellers is to ignore the visual psychology involved in gaining a buyer’s immediate attention. Do not ignore this critical strategy! Call us if you are considering a sale, even your timeframe is a few years down the road. The edge we can give you is significant. Contact us at 720.593.9355 or [email protected] to discuss our additional marketing strategies and what we do to ensure you achieve the best possible results from the sale of your home.

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