Rightsizing, Not Downsizing


I spend quite a bit of time talking with clients who are thinking of moving because their current home no longer fits their lifestyle. One such conversation occurred earlier this year with a woman named Jane, who purchased a two-story townhome in 1994 after her kids went off to college. Fast-forward 27 years: Jane recognized […]

Why NOW Is a Great Time to Buy a House

Our First Home

August 2021: Now Is a Great Time To Buy a House! Yes, you read that right. I’m sure you’ve been hearing how tough the homebuying market has been, not only in 2021 but also throughout 2020. We have been experiencing unprecedented low inventory, most homes selling in bidding wars, prices increasing at a rapid rate, […]

Southglenn and Southwind Joint Neighborhood Garage Sale Coming in July!

SG SW Garage Sale Image large

Southglenn and Southwind Joint Neighborhood Garage Sale coming July 9th and 10th! Back for its eighth year, local real estate experts, The Steller Group, will be partnering with your Civic association to organize and market this service for the community. The Steller Group, recognized as the #1 Real Estate Office in the South Metro Denver […]

Roger and Marty’s Story: Leaving a Home of 50+ Years

Cropped Blair and Roger and Marty Edited

For over 50 years—since 1969, to be exact—Roger and Marty lived in their home in Aurora, Colorado. As they raised their two children, their beloved ranch filled with countless treasures and memories. The couple had no intention of moving, but when Roger developed a cancerous tumor, they had little choice in the matter. Roger’s tumor […]

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Last updated: June 08, 2021 Please read these terms and conditions carefully before attending event. Interpretation and Definitions Interpretation The words of which the initial letter is capitalized have meanings defined under the following conditions. The following definitions shall have the same meaning regardless of whether they appear in singular or in […]

Cherry Knolls Appreciation Fiesta Registration

The Cherry Knolls Appreciation Fiesta is BACK! The Steller Group’s Cherry Knolls Appreciation Fiesta is coming BACK on Wednesday, July 21, and all Cherry Knolls neighbors and/or pool members are invited! In July 2019, more than 350 Cherry Knolls residents gathered at the inaugural Cherry Knolls Appreciation Pool Party. Sponsored by The Steller Group, the […]