The Best Dog Parks in the Denver Metro Area

Dog Parks

The Best Dog Parks in the Denver Metro Area After a long, cold winter spent mainly indoors, we’re willing to bet that your four-legged friends are ready to roam, run, and reconnect with the other pent-up pups in the hood! So, whether you’ve recently moved to the area or are just on the hunt for […]

Downsizing After a Loss: My Own Story

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Downsizing After a Loss: My Own Story By Blair Bryant, Director of Senior Services At the end of my last downsizing seminar, an attendee came up to me and said, “In the future, you need to tell everyone that downsizing is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your children.” From experience in my […]

Top 5 Tips When Buying Your First Home

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Top 5 Tips When Buying Your First Home You are ready to jump into homeownership!  This can be a very exciting and overwhelming time.  The thought of owning your own home for the first time, settling in, and really making it your own feels great.  However, understanding the process of purchasing a home can be daunting.  Here […]

Buying a Home: Wants vs. Needs

Homebuying Wants vs. Needs

Buying a Home: Wants vs. Needs Once you have your mortgage pre-approval, how do you figure out exactly what you want and need in a home?  First and foremost, are you buying alone and therefore the only decision maker?  Or do you have a spouse or partner that is buying with you?  Do you have […]

Denver Real Estate Market Update | April 2021


Denver Real Estate Market Update | April 2021 By Blair Bryant, Director of Senior Services “What’s my home worth?” This is one of my favorite topics to discuss with homeowners. After all, we all think our homes are worth more than they are…right? Well, not so fast! Since April 2020, the Denver real estate market […]

4 Tips to Sell Faster and for a Higher Price

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Today’s Denver Metro housing market is a strong seller’s market, and one like we have never seen before: today’s housing inventory is lower than any in recorded history, which goes back as far as 1982. Inventory has continued to dwindle month-over-month since last spring. The past year has been unprecedented in many ways: dealing with […]

March Denver Real Estate Market Update

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One of my favorite pastimes is riding roller coasters: the taller, faster, and wilder, the better! Everyone knows the feeling of getting locked into your seat and starting the ascent. It is often slow, noisy, and feels like it may never end. The Denver real estate market kind of feels that way right now.  Prices in the Denver […]

The Importance of Loan Pre-Approval

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If you are thinking of buying a home in 2021, your first and most important step should be to meet with a mortgage lender and obtain a loan pre-approval. Why? Because a full mortgage pre-approval shows a seller that you are a serious buyer and able to close on the purchase. As you have probably […]

Should I Accept the First Offer?

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In short, no. For as long as I can remember, one of the most common “truths” agents are taught is that your first offer is usually your best offer. While that mantra proved right for much of my career, over the past few years this theory has been tested and proven wrong time and time again—especially as the velocity of the market has continued […]

Pricing a Home in Today’s Crazy Market

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When we meet with sellers, we work through a recommended market value and pricing strategy for their house. In response, they frequently ask the question: “Shouldn’t we start high and leave room to negotiate?” While historically leaving “wiggle room” has been customary, in today’s market that strategy has gone out the window. Today’s buyers are […]