A “Steller” Year in Review

The Steller Group's 2021 Stats

A “Steller” Year in Review And just like that, 2021 is in the books for The Steller Group! Last year was a rollercoaster for real estate but our team was strapped in and ready for the ride.  Active listings were at all-time lows and prices at all-time highs. While many buyers experienced frustration, sellers were over the moon as many homes sold […]

In This Hot of a Market, Why Use a Realtor?

In This Hot of a Market, Why Use a Realtor?

In This Hot of a Market, Why Use a Realtor? By Conrad Steller | Co-Owner, Managing Broker I personally had an interesting case study unfold recently. Earlier in the summer, a couple in my neighborhood approached me and let me know they were going to be selling their house in the fall. They intended to […]

Are You Working Remote? Why Not Move to the Mountains?

Working from home in Summit County

Are You Working Remote? Why Not Move to the Mountains? By Emily Lonborg | Co-Owner, Designated Broker COVID-19 introduced some unexpected nuances into our lives, beyond all the handwashing, mask-wearing, and quarantining. One of the major trends resulting from the pandemic has been a shift to working remotely—and it appears to be permanent…and desirable. A study […]

Why NOW Is a Great Time to Buy a House

Our First Home

August 2021: Now Is a Great Time To Buy a House! Yes, you read that right. I’m sure you’ve been hearing how tough the homebuying market has been, not only in 2021 but also throughout 2020. We have been experiencing unprecedented low inventory, most homes selling in bidding wars, prices increasing at a rapid rate, […]

Denver Real Estate Market Update | April 2021


Denver Real Estate Market Update | April 2021 By Blair Bryant, Director of Senior Services “What’s my home worth?” This is one of my favorite topics to discuss with homeowners. After all, we all think our homes are worth more than they are…right? Well, not so fast! Since April 2020, the Denver real estate market […]

March Denver Real Estate Market Update

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One of my favorite pastimes is riding roller coasters: the taller, faster, and wilder, the better! Everyone knows the feeling of getting locked into your seat and starting the ascent. It is often slow, noisy, and feels like it may never end. The Denver real estate market kind of feels that way right now.  Prices in the Denver […]

Pricing a Home in Today’s Crazy Market

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When we meet with sellers, we work through a recommended market value and pricing strategy for their house. In response, they frequently ask the question: “Shouldn’t we start high and leave room to negotiate?” While historically leaving “wiggle room” has been customary, in today’s market that strategy has gone out the window. Today’s buyers are […]

Moving in a COVID-19 Housing Market

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Let’s face it: moving is stressful. In a normal world, the process is daunting but a task The Steller Group has successfully helped more than 1,500 clients navigate. Take Sid and Deb, for example.

COVID-19 Update: The Shutdown’s Impact on The Steller Group and Denver Real Estate

Metro Denver

Despite the economic shutdown resulting from the COVID-19 stay-at-home order, The Steller Group is still hard at work! Nearly all of our pre-COVID-19 transactions are continuing through to completion. We continue to have homes going under contract, but at a much slower rate than what we experienced pre-COVID-19.  Many of our clients who were scheduled […]